Automation and Powerpoint Upgrades to the Playlist added to Version 5.1

Brandon Munday
2017-10-29 23:22

Worship LIVE! version 5.1, included significant upgrades to the playlist.

Changes of note are:

- Automation features (formerly called Choreography). Automation offers the ability to completely script the playlist, including jumps between items and user-selectable timings for each item, for true one-click song services. (By contrast, Version 5.0 included basic automation features, but not the ability to jump back and forth, no ability to control the action at the end of each song, and rather limited control over the duration of an item.)

- Slideshow Helper. Along with the basic Automation features, we've added a Slideshow Helper. This will help you pick an audio file and any number of images, create an automated playlist, and even launch projection if you wish. Just a few clicks, and a whole folder full of images will be looping with music for your congregation.

- Powerpoint interface upgrades. When a Powerpoint file is added to a playlist, Worship LIVE! reads its contents and shows each slide as a subitem. It also shows the number of click animations in the slide, and shows previews of each slide as you move your mouse cursor over each item (just like all the other playlist items). The Next and Prev buttons on the playlist window now control the Powerpoint playback, just like other playlist items. In short, the Powerpoint features are much more tightly integrated into the rest of the playlist.

- Easier addition of items. When you select an item to add, Worship LIVE! will remember that item type and you can repeat the action with a single mouseclick on the Add toolbar button. Also, you can now select multiple files of any type to add all at once.

- Fully selectable playlist columns. You can now pick which columns you'd like to appear on the playlist. The only fixed column is the Title column.

You can view a preview screenshot of the updated playlist at

In particular, note that the Powerpoint file now shows its slides on the playlist, and also notice the icons and descriptive text in the Automation column.

If you wish to use automation or you heavily use Powerpoint files in your playlists, and you're interested in helping to beta test this new version, please contact us via

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