CCLI notes

Brandon Munday
2017-10-29 23:21

About three weeks ago (early July 2008), CCLI made major changes to their web site, which effectively were intended to block third-party software (like Worship LIVE!) from accessing the site directly. We have not yet determined what we need to do about this. Based on a long conversation with a CCLI administrator, it was clear that the changes were largely driven by the music publishers, not CCLI, who would very much prefer to allow us to access their site more easily. We hesitate to try to make the CCLI interface work when CCLI has intentionally blocked it - that would not be very appropriate for a Christian business.

For now, you can still use CCLI manually - logging in from their web page directly, then searching for songs and downloading the USR files as you always do. We will keep working on finding another easier method that honors CCLI and the music publishers' wishes, and let our customers know when we have some results.

You may wish to try the DelicateFade or IWillWorship searches too. These work well and were not affected by the changes made by CCLI.

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