Keypress shortcuts for projection

Brandon Munday
2017-10-29 23:12

The projection and playlist screens are loaded with keyboard shortcuts. When you've got a playlist in projection mode:

You can jump between song verses with a number key. "0" will jump to the entire song. If the song has verses, you can hit 1 through 9 to jump to that numbered verse.

You can jump between playlist items with Ctrl-(number). For example Ctrl-3 will jump to the third item on the playlist. If the item has verses, it will jump to the first checked verse of the third item.

Page up and page down move up and down the playlist between checked items.

B blanks and unblanks the projection screen.

If you're using projection on a single-display computer, you can pop up a "quick find" list with Ctrl-F. A list of available song titles will appear in the lower right corner; you can start typing a song title to jump down the list, and hit Enter to immediately project the selected item.

If you're projecting a very long item without a background image (with a solid color background) you can scroll up and down the item with the up and down arrow keys, and the Home and End keys. (However, the Page Up and Page Down keys will still jump to the next or previous item on the playlist.)

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