Moving songs between computers

Brandon Munday
2017-10-29 23:15

• How can I move a song between two different computers? 


• How can I copy the entire database for another user? 


• How can I back up my database? 


All of these questions have a similar set of answers.


Option 1. Use the Worship LIVE! software Export and Import features.


From the Edit menu, select Export, and then Entire Database for Sharing. Follow the prompts. This will create a single large file containing all the songs in the current database. Move this one file to the other computer, and follow the Import:Entire Database for Sharing option from the Worship LIVE! software's Edit menu on the new computer.


Option 2. Move the files from Windows.


The entire database is saved on disk, one file per song. At the bottom of the song list, on the status bar, is the folder of the currently open database - which contains the path on disk where the songs can be found. Open that folder from Windows. You can copy an entire folder full of song files to a floppy or CD-R or any suitable media, move it to any other location on your hard disk, etc. Note: make sure Worship LIVE! isn't running if you move or delete files; you may confuse Worship LIVE! if you try to use a deleted song! Also, see the KB article on CD backups.

Notes: Neither of these options export all the media files - any audio files you have linked to those songs. If you have lots of media files linked to your songs, you will need to ensure the file structure on both computers is the same, or you will need to manually re-associate the files. Option 1 is better if you don't care about the audio files, because it can automatically strip out the associations for you.

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