How to Set Up and Use Choreography

Brandon Munday
2017-10-29 23:13

Choreography is a feature that can automatically sync projection changes with audio files. You can set up an entire playlist for one-click playback. Audio files will be played, the appropriate verses will be shown on the projection screen, and when it's done then the audio playback will stop. You can run an entire worship song set this way.

The basic steps to use choreography include:
1) Associate an audio file with a song
2) Set up choreography timings for that song
3) Add the song to a playlist
4) Project the playlist
5) Start the choreography running

We'll cover these topics below.

1. Associate an audio file with a song. See Changing Song Properties for details. Choreography will only work if the song has an audio file.

2) Set up choreography timings for a song. See this help page for details. Basically you create a series of timing events; each contains a time for the event, plus a type of event: a jump to another song, or a jump to a verse within the song, or blanking the screen. If you set a Next or Previous action in the song, the choreography will jump to the appropriate song when that event's timing is reached.

3) Add the song to a playlist. Use F9 or Add to Playlist.

4) Project the playlist.

5) Start the choreography running. To do this, click the green arrow next to the Choreography pane, to expand the pane. Click any verse of the song, and then click the Start Choreography button.

If audio playback is already running when you click the Start Choreography button, any subsequent events will simply happen. If the playback hasn't started yet, it will start when you click the button.

When a Next event or Prev event occurs, there must be another choregraphed song next (or previous) on the playlist. If not, choreography will simply stop, and the audio will continue. But if there IS another song to be choreographed, the currrent song's audio playback will stop, the subsequent audio file will begin, and the timing events for that new song will be played.

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