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document Coming soon - Worship LIVE! version 5
2007-04-20 On May 1st we're planning to officially release Worship LIVE! version 5 for sale. You can find complete info at . The upgrade price will...
20 Apr, 2007 Views: 6388
document Automation and Powerpoint Upgrades to the Playlist Coming in Version 5.1
We're hard at work on Worship LIVE! version 5.1, which will include significant upgrades to the playlist. Changes of note are: - Automation...
07 Jun, 2007 Views: 6709
document Updates to web site
2007-04-20 SIMusic has transitioned between servers. If you've found anything to be missing, that's probably why. We're still working on getting...
20 Apr, 2007 Views: 6484
document TimeToStart Software released for sale
We're pleased to announce that the TimeToStart video countdown clock software is now available for sale. You can learn more on the TimeToStart web...
26 Dec, 2007 Views: 7638
document Worship LIVE! beta 5.0.24 released
Beta 5.0.24 has been uploaded to the secure area. This time it's a full installer.
20 Apr, 2007 Views: 9244
document Worship LIVE! V5 released!
2007-05-01 As promised, today Worship LIVE! version 5 has been officially released for sale. You can find complete info at . The upgrade price is $30...
01 May, 2007 Views: 6418
document Your Help Wanted!
Do you know of a great site with freely searchable worship music? Or do you have suggestions for improving our software or web site? If so, let us...
10 May, 2007 Views: 6339
document Price Cut for Worship LIVE! version 5!
Good news! We just cut the price for the Worship LIVE! software projection versions. The "for Churches" edition is now just $149.95, and...
08 Sep, 2007 Views: 8410
document Worship LIVE! version 5.1 released
Version 5.1 of the Worship LIVE! software was released today, and is a free upgrade for version 5.0 customers. Use the "check for updates"...
11 Sep, 2007 Views: 7893
document Worship LIVE! version 6 released!
Version 6 of the Worship LIVE! software was officially released on 2/1/08. Visit the website at for more information.
01 Feb, 2008 Views: 8578