Daily Daily Sing the Praises
Dare To Be a Daniel
Dawning Fair Morning Wonderful
Day by Day the Manna Fell
Day by Day
Day Is Dying in the West
Day of Judgment! Day of Wonders!
Day of Wrath O Day of Mourning
Dayspring of Eternity
Dear Christian People All Rejoice
Dear Jesus Canst Thou Help Me
Dear Jesus in Whose Life I See
Dear Little Stranger
Dear Lord and Father of Mankind
Dear Shepherd of Thy People Hear
Deck Thyself My Soul with Gladness
Deem Not That They Are Blest Alone
Deeper Deeper
Delay Not O Sinner Draw Near
Depth of Mercy
Did Christ o'er Sinners Weep
Did You Think to Pray
Dives and Lazarus
Do No Sinful Action
Do You Know the Song That the Angels Sang
Do You See the Hebrew Captive Kneeling
Does Jesus Care
Does Thy Savior Pilot Thee
Dost Thou in a Manger Lie
Down at the Cross
Down to the Sacred Wave
Draw Nigh and Take the Body of the Lord
Draw Thou My Soul O Christ
Drop Drop Slow Tears
Dwelling in Beulah Land