Upgrading from version 4 to version 5

The Worship LIVE! software makes it fairly easy to upgrade from V4 to V5, but there are some tricks which will help make the process even smoother.

When you launch V5 for the first time, it will look at your V4 settings and ask if you'd like to keep using the same database. However, none of the other settings are preserved.

Unlocking the software is similar to unlocking V4.  You may receive an unlock token, however, which will make it very easy to unlock. Just drag the token file into Worship LIVE! and drop it onto the list of songs, and the software will immediately be unlocked.

V4 songs, announcements and playlists can be opened in V5 without any issues.

If you purchased additional Bible versions for V4 (for example, if you have the Silver or Gold editions), you will need to move those files to your new version. To do this, using Windows Explorer, open the old
C:\Program Files\Worship LIVE!\bible\
folder, and copy all the files in that folder to your new
C:\Program Files\Worship LIVE! 5\bible\

If you need to continue using V4 while you also use V5 (we can't think of a good reason, but we recognize that you may), you need to know of some limitations to doing this. V5 has its own stored settings and Program Files locations, so those will not interfere with V4. You can safely run either version of the software, with a few limitations.
- V5 adds some new song properties not present in V4. If you save a song with V4, any properties you added will be removed from the file. "Save" includes printing and projecting a song, which both update the stored properties. "Added" includes things like projection formatting, choreography, date-created information, and so forth.
- The format of the song database (*.sdb) file is different. This file is only a pointer to your songs, and helps to speed the startup time, so it is not a critical file and will simply be rebuilt each time.
To avoid any impact from these limitations, we recommend that you create a new copy of your database and use it instead of sharing the same database. To do this, using Windows Explorer you can create a copy of your Worship Songs folder, and then create a new database and select those existing songs. You can also open V5, create a new database, and Import your old songs into this database. Either method will work.