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document Transpose and Vista/Win7 Compatibility
The Tray Transpose Tool software will normally run under Windows Vista and Windows 7 if you install with Administrator Privileges. To do this,...
22 Feb, 2010 Views: 8029
document Transposition and Fonts
Transposition is a very tricky business, even for a human. We put a lot of brain power into the job. Our software works very hard to simplify the...
20 Apr, 2007 Views: 10650
document Installing and running older pre-Vista versions of Worship LIVE!, Tray Transpose Tool and Chordplayer in Vista or Windows 7
If you try to install a version of Worship LIVE! (or our other software) that was released before Vista, it will probably not install correctly, and...
22 Feb, 2010 Views: 7405
document Transposition tip: Ignored Terms
A common question is asked about Worship LIVE! transposition: "When I transpose a song, this or that line of chords does not transpose. All the...
10 May, 2007 Views: 9908
document Worship LIVE! and Windows "Data Execution Protection" (DEP) compatibility
Windows XP and newer versions of Windows all include an anti-malware system called "Data Execution Protection". It's designed to catch...
22 Feb, 2010 Views: 9870