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Does your church or organization need an on-screen countdown clock? Are you currently paying for video files with built-in countdown timers? Are you frustrated by the lack of flexibility and the high price of these files?

If this describes your situation, TimeToStart will be perfect for you.

TimeToStart does just one thing: display a countdown clock on your screen.

Once you select a time and optional caption, the clock appears, counts down, and then disappears. That's it!

Unlike video file countdowns, TimeToStart is customizable - you can:
pick any ending time or number of minutes to count down
set the font style, text color, and shadow color.
simply drag it into whatever screen position you want
add a short customized message (like "Starting in..." or "Get Ready!")
select a translucent amount for a fancy see-through appearance

Since the clock appears without any background (a transparent window), you can place it over any background image or video you want. There's no need to buy any more videos with clocks, or spend hours creating your own. Simply show any content you already own, launch the clock, and you're done!

You can even change the time remaining, caption, font, colors and more - at any time, without first closing the clock. Talk about flexibility!

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